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Daya Raj Dhungana

Englishman once quoted, “Don’t judge the book by its cover“. Do you know what is so interesting thing about it? It totally fits me. I am the words of the book, in fact, I am the man of words. I am not the typical kind of person who you would think as I should be in the first meet, I am more than you can think of.

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself in a formal tone, It’s me Daya Raj Dhungana aka “Daya” all the way from the beautiful city of Palpa, Tansen. I am as delicious like Chukauni. Currently, I am purring a Bachelor Of computer engineering from IOE, Pashchimanchal Campus, Pokhara. And yes, I am another tech-enthusiast geeky guy with a deep interest in Graphics designing and website development. I can decorate my computer screen with 256^4 colors and build any website functional using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.